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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


A Correlation and Regression Study on the Ground Water of Vaiyampatti Village, Tiruchirappalli District

Author(s): A. Ravi Kumar, S. M. Mazhar Nazeeb Khan and R. Sivanesan

Groundwater is the vital source of sustenance and survival of every living organism. The present study aimed at a statistical regression analysis of twenty two data points of Groundwater at eleven locations of Vaiyampatti village, Tiruchirappalli district, Tamilnadu. A correlation study has been carried out amongst all possible pairs of 14 physico-chemical parameters to assess groundwater quality. The correlation analysis provides an excellent tool for the prediction of parameter values within reasonable degree of accuracy. The existence of strong correlation between Total Hardness and Magnesium is ascertained.

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