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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


A new validated spectrophotometric method for determination of Trimetazidine in Formulation and comparison with UV method

Author(s): M.Ganesh, G. Jeraldmaria antony,A.Saravankumar, R.Rajesh, K.Rajasekar

A new validated and more reproducible spectrophotometric method for the determination of trimetazidine (TMZ), a piperizinyl antianginal has been developed and validated. This method was based on the formation of a yellow ion pair complex between TMZ and methyl orange using chloroform as solvent at pH 4 phosphate buffer. The lambda max and molar absorptivity of the chromogen were 427 nm , 5.0216 X 103 lit mol cm-1 respectively. Chromogen obeys Beer’s in the concentration range of 15-50 μg ml-1 with linear regression of 0.9993, while the percentage recovery, LOD and LOQ were 99.65-99.98 %., 4.5 μg ml-1 and 10 μg ml-1 respectively. From the percentage recovery and specificity studies it was concluded that there was no interference of common additives during the estimation. This proves the suitability of this method for the routine quality control analysis of the trimetazidine in formulation.

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