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Activities stimulant betel nut extract (Areca catechu L.) on the improvement of physical activity

Author(s): Yufri Aldi, Afriwardi, Rofifa Ayuningtyas and Dillasamola D

Pinang is one plant that is trusted by the public as increase stamina enhancing drugs. From several studies have shown to have a stimulant effect on animal experiments. This study aims to determine the effect of the stimulant betel nut extracts to increase student physical activity. This study is a purely experimental design was complete random with a one-way pattern. Sixteen students (male) were divided into two groups in which the group A and group B using the daily use of two days. Students are requested activity up and down the bench (Harvard Step Test) for 5 minutes and measured the time it takes students as well as the pulse of students per 30 seconds in the first minute (DN 1) second (DN 2) and third (DN 3) to obtain the value Agency Capability Index (IKB) students. Betel nut extract along with the filler material input into the capsules so that each capsule contains 270 mg. Betel nut extract capsules given one time a day for groups A and 1 times a day for 2 days for group B. IKB Data from each group of students who consumption preparations were analyzed by T test results showed that the betel nut extract (Areca catechu L.) can increase the activity of students and administration 1 day and 2 days of betel nut extract affects the physical activity of students.

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