Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Adsorption of Acid Blue 225 dye by Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Determination of equilibrium and kinetics parameters

Author(s): Davoud Balarak, Ferdos Kord Mostafapour and Ali Joghatayi

Batch studies were conducted for kinetics and equilibrium studies on the biosorption of Acid Blue 225 (AB 225) from aqueous solution by Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs). The different parameters studied were initial dye concentration, biomass concentration, contact time and solution pH. Results show that the pH value of 3 is favorable for the biosorption of AB 225 dye. The biosorption data have been analysed using Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherms. The isothermal data for biosorption followed Langmuir Model. The biosorption processes conformed to the pseudo-second-order rate kinetics. Overall, the study demonstrated that MWCNTs can effectively remove AB 225 dye from aqueous solution under a wide range of experimental conditions.

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