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Adsorption of Crystal Violet by deoiled-residue of Jatropha: Kinetics and Isotherm studies Crystal Violet Jatropha Adsorption studies

Author(s): B. Subramanyam

The increasing demand for biofuels using non-edible oil seeds (primarily jatropha circus) has assumed a gigantic proportion in a tropical country like India. However, one of the lee-side of this ambitious project is problems of handling the significant amount of deoiled cakes. These are essentially non-edible even for animals, although production of residue is often quite high. The present work aims to investigate the potential of deoiled cake as an adsorbent for the treatment of dye containing wastewaters. The model compound used was crystal violet dye. The batch studies indicate that at an equilibrium time of 3.5 h, 90% adsorption was observed at 400 ppm initial concentration. The kinetic modeling studies indicate that adsorption phenomenon seemed to be a chemisorption process. Among the isotherm models, Sip and Redlich-Peterson isotherm models are found to be best suited to the adsorption process. The deoiled cake studied demonstrated high potential for the removal of dyes from aqueous solution.

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