Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Aliphatic amines as corrosion inhibitors for zinc in hydrochloric acid

Author(s): Harshida G. Chaudhari and Mahendrasinh M. Mahida

The inhibition of corrosion of zinc in hydrochloric acid by aliphatic amines like, triethylamine, triethanolamine and ethanolamine has been studied with respect to inhibitor concentration and temperature. The inhibition efficiency of aliphatic amines increased as the concentration of the inhibitor increased, while decrease with the increase in concentration of the acid and temperature. Weight loss data at different temperatures was used to determine activation energy. The activation energies in inhibited acid are higher than that in plain acid. For all inhibitors, the heat of adsorption (ΔHads) and free energy of adsorption are negative. The plot of log (θ/1-θ) versus logC results in a straight line, suggest that, the inhibitors appears to function through adsorption following Langmuir isotherm. Galvanostatic polarization curves show polarization of both anodes as well as cathodes.

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