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Analysis of physical and chemical parameters of Shivna Lawhali-Takli (medium project) Dam Water Tq.-Kannad, District-aurangabad, State- Maharashtra India

Author(s): Shelar Mahendra Devidas and Rashmi D. Pathrikar

The village Lawhali-Takli is situated 18 km from the world famous ELLORA CAVES in Tq. kannad District- Aurangabad Maharashtra state. In this recent article a detailed study of physical and chemical parameters of Shivna lawhali-takli (medium project) dam water has been discussed. In this brief research area we are studying Total dissolved solids, Total solids, Transparencies of water, Total suspended solids, potentiometric and conductivity results of Shivna lawhali-takli (medium project) dam water were investigated properly. All these physico-chemical parameters were discussed during year 2013-2015. Above all the parameters shows inherent path that water potentiometric, total solid, total dissolved solid, total suspended solid, were obtained as possible as in the seasonal sessions (months) of monsoon season such as conductivity and transparencies of water was observed maximum in the months of februvary., march, april, may and june. Seasonal variations in summer, winter and near about rainy season were recorded.

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