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Antioxidant and curative effect of Monochoria vaginalis methanolic extract against carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver injury in rats

Author(s): B. Latha and M. S. Latha

Aim of the present study was to investigate the antioxidant and curative effect of the methanolic extract of Monochoria vaginalis(MEMV) against Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced acute liver injury in rats in curative models. Toxic control , MEMV and standard drug Silymarin treated rats were received a single dose of CCl4 (150 μl/100 g, 1:1 in ground nut oil). In post-treatment groups, rats were treated with MEMV at doses of 100mg and 200mg/kg and Silymarin at a dose of (50mg/kg), 2, 24 and 48hrs after CCl4 administration. Rats treated with the extract after the establishment of CCl4 induced liver damage showed significant (p ≤0.05) protection of liver as evidenced from normal AST, ALT, ALP and lipid peroxide levels.Hepatic glutathione levels were significantly (P≤0.05) increased by the treatment. Histopathological changes induced by CCl4 were also significantly(p≤0.05) reduced by the extract treatment in curative groups. The antioxidant status of the animals were also assessed by measuring the activity of GSH,Catalase,SOD,GSTandGPx.The extent of lipid peroxidation was also measured. Phytochemical screening of this plant revealed the presence of flavonoids and alkaloids which could be responsible for the possible hepatprotective action. This study demonstrates the antioxidant and curative effect of MEMV and thus scientifically proves the use of entire plant in traditional medicine for hepatic disorders.

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