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Association between Serum Clusterin and Cognitive Functions in Obese Egyptian Women; Potential Effects of Dietary Therapy

Author(s): Salwa M. El Shebini, Maha I. A. Moaty, Suzanne Fouad, Yusr M. I. Kazem, Nihad H. Ahmed, Magda S. Mohamed, Ahmed M. S. Hussein, Laila M. Hanna and Salwa T. Tapozada

The present study aimed to demonstrate the effect of using two supplements made from soya bean flour mixed with either 5% turmeric (formula 1) or 5% ginger (formula 2), in junction with a balanced hypocaloric regimen on the cognitive functions of middle aged Egyptian obese women. Seventy two obese women suffering from obesity participated in this study which lasted for 8 weeks, divided into phase (1) and phase (2), each one lasted for 4 weeks. The participants were divided into group (A) and group (B). During the first phase, group (A) consumed a low caloric diet and formula 1, while group (B) consumed formula 2 with the same instructions. During the second phase, both supplements were omitted. Assessment of anthropometric parameters, lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, serum C-peptide and clusterin were determined. Oral evaluation of the mental and cognitive status was performed. The results showed that both supplements improved the anthropometry, the metabolic profile criteria and the serum clusterin level plus the cognitive functions. The data of this study revealed that serum clusterin levels might mirror its contribution in the earliest cognitive impairment in the middle age obese persons. Utilizing nutritional supplements may constitute a promising therapeutic treatment in such condition

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