Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Binding affinities of hydrophilic pulmonary surfactant proteins with surface proteins of microbes, pollen allergens and lipid ligands using molecular docking studies

Author(s): Y. Rambabu, K. Ramakrishna, Laxminarasu. M

Hydrophilic Surfactant proteins, SP-A and SP-D, are collagen like C-type (calcium dependent) lectins called collectins, which contribute significantly in host defence mechanism. Binding studies of SP-A and SP-D with the surface proteins of microorganisms, pollen allergens and lipid ligands were studied. Out of which SP-A was found to bind with a higher affinities with Influenza A- Virus (-542.48kcal/mol) and Di-lauroyl phosphatidyl choline (-114.622 kcal/mol) than SP-D, but Birch pollen allergen (-593.08kcal/mol) bound strongly with SP-D. Rotavirus and Carrot pollen allergen have negative binding with SP-A and positive binding with SP-D

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