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Catalytic aspects of ceria zirconia solid solution: Part-II An overview on recent developments in the heterogeneous catalytic applications of metal loaded ceria-zirconia solid solution

Author(s): Manoj Pudukudy and Zahira Yaakob*

Ceria-zirconia (CZ) solid solution has been considered as a green eco-friendly catalyst and catalyst support for metals. CZ solid solution is admitted for its excellent properties such as high thermal resistance, better reducibility and high oxygen storage capacity. By the incorporation of metals, all the aforementioned characteristics get promoted in a greater extent. Heterogeneous application of metal loaded CZ solid solution is mainly concentrating on the removal of pollutants from the automotive exhaust gas and in the hydrogen production techniques. Metal loaded CZ solid solution exhibits tremendous capability for the simultaneous elimination of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides present in the auto motive exhaust gas and hence acquired the name “Three Way Catalyst (TWC)”. Additionally it plays an important role in the elimination of chlorinated hydrocarbons and in the oxidation of soot. Also it has a marked catalysing effect in hydrogen production from various sources. In this review, we made an outline of the recent developments in the heterogeneous applications of metal loaded ceria zirconia solid solution, mainly focussed on applications in three way catalysis for the removal of several pollutants such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and soot. In addition to this, their application in hydrogen production from different sources is outlined. Their use in oxygen gas sensors is briefly discussed.

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