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Catalytic degradation of methyl orange under visible light by (NH4)6[MnMo9O32]8H2O with Waugh structure

Author(s): Yuan Hua, Yang Fengzhen and Fan Xiaozhen

To study the catalytic degradation of methyl orange with Waugh Structure (NH4) 6 [MnMo9O32] 8H2O as the catalyst under visible light. Results: different types of acid and different pH values have effect on the photocatalytic activity of Waugh Structure (NH4) 6 [MnMo9O32] 8H2O, catalyst quantity and initial concentration of methyl orange solution are important factors affecting the decolorization capacity of solution. Under visible light, 8 minutes decolorization capacity can reach 94.36% with the methyl orange solution at an initial concentration of 20mg / L, the heteropolyacid salt at a concentration of 0.3 g/L, and pH value adjusted to 2 with perchloric acid.

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