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Catalytic reduction: Efficient synthesis of chiral key intermediate of besifloxacin hydrochloride

Author(s): Anil Kumar*, BhuwanBhashkar, JigarBhavsar and Akhil endra Singh

Current study describes a methodfor the preparation of chiral (3R)-azepan-3-amine (Compound 2) with high purity and yield, which may useas an intermediate or start ing material to synthesize one of the most popular antibioticbesifloxacin hydrochloride. Chiral moiety of (3R)-azepan-3-amine (Compound 2) is prepared from (3R)-3- aminoazepan-2-one (Compound 1) by reducing it with novel reducing agent viz. NaBH 4 / AlCl 3, NaBH 4 / CaCl 2, NaBH 4 / DMS, NaBH 4 / BF 3 orLiAlH 4 using appropriate solvents viz. tetrahydrofuran (TH F), isopropylether (IPE), toluene or acetonitrile (ACN).Purity and yield of f urnished chiral amine is very highcompared to repor ted methods. The method is cost effective and commercial applica ble.

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