Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Chemical constituents and cytotoxicity of the leaves of Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum (A. Juss.) Miq.

Author(s): Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Mariquit M. De Los Reyes, Emelina H. Mandia, Glenn G. Oyong, Chien-Chang Shen

The crude dicloromethane leaf extract of Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum (A. Juss.) Miq. was tested for cytotoxicity against breast cancer (MCF-7) and colon cancer (HT-29) cells and exhibited IC50 values of 7.35 and 13.19 μg/mL, respectively. Chemical investigation of the dichloromethane leaf extract afforded squalene (1), β-sitosterol (2), polyprenols (3) and triglyceride (4). The structures of 1-4 were identified by comparison of their 1H NMR data with those reported in the literature. These compounds are known cytotoxic and anticancer compounds.

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