Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Comparative chemical compositions of the leaves of some selected antihypertensive medicinal plants in Nigeria

Author(s): Asaolu, M. Fisayo, Asaolu, S. Samuel, Adanlawo, I. Gbadura, Aluko, B.Tola, Alli-Smith, Y. Rufina, Ibitoye, Yemisi and Abidakun, A. Michael

Leaves of Four different types of antihypertensive medicinal plants: Vernonia amygdalina, Carica papaya, Persea americana and Cnidosculous aconitifolius use in Nigeria were analysed for proximate composition, mineral profile, phytochemical screening and amino acids. The results from the study revealed that the leaves of all the plants are good sources of proteins, fibre, minerals and amino acids. However, the fat contents of the plants were very low and there were presence of some phytochemicals which accounts for their therapeutic uses. It can concluded that that the leaves of these plants contain nutrients and mineral elements that may be useful in nutrition with Persea americana and Vernonia amygdalina having nutritional superiority over Carica papaya and Cnidosculous aconitifolius.

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