Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Computer assisted designing (CADD), insilico pharmacological studies followed by actual synthesis and characterization of Garcicillin a novel semisynthetic antibiotic

Author(s): Abhilash Mullasseril

The present world of medicinal chemistry is in a swift boom for the immediate development. Every medicinal chemist is trying to synthesize a new antibiotic and which is not easy as we all know. The most fearful treat facing by the drug discovery and developing team is the increased antibiotic resistance shown by the pathogens of microbial world even to the new generation antibiotics. The immediate remedy is the herbal supplements as the starting materials as per the experts. The present research is again looking to the world of natural products to make a new antibiotic. In this present paper the simple application of computer assisted drug designing (CADD) and insilico pharmacological and toxicological studies followed by actual synthesis and characterization using spectroscopic methods of a novel antibiotic which is named as Garcicillin belong to the class of semisynthetic β- lactam penicillin type. The proposed antibiotic Garcicillin finds its starting materials from the natural products of medicinal importance.

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