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Could the cancer be a chronic immune disorder? rather than a serious malignant disease

Author(s): Mahmoud A. Al-Sha'er

Despite what is known about the cancer as a malignant dangerous disease treated classically by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which have a drastic consequences, demaging effect on rapidly growing immune cells e.g. bone marrow which may worsen the condition further. Cancer could be treated softly with immune modulating agents targeting specific key regulaters through the cell cycle e.g. COX2, PI3K, uPA, Hsp90, MIF, mTOR, IKK-b….etc. if cancer be a syndrom of immune disorder rather than a real disease, so treatment of the syndrom will not cure the disorder which may explain the reason of inappropriateness of cancer classical therapies. The new strategy depends on considering cancer as a chronic immune disorder that is started with inflammation followed by progression of cancer as a syndrom. Only treatment the cause will relapse the whole sequence and will cease the progress of the disease. Dealing with cancer as a chronic inflammatory disease will change the view and decline the use of destructive classical cancer remedies. Furthermore, this strategy will reduce the suffer of the cancer patient and uphold the immune system which is the first selective barrier on further progression of cancer.

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