Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Design and synthesis of certain novel bicoumarin derivatives as anticancer agents

Author(s): Khaled R. A. Abdellatif, Mohamed A. Abdelgawad, Heba A. H. ElShemy and Nesma M. Kahk

New Bicoumarin derivatives 5a-cwere synthesized through condensation of 3-acetylcoumarin derivatives with coumarin acid hydrazide. All the prepared compounds were evaluated for their in vitro anticancer activity against human hepatic (Hep-G2) and human breast (MCF-7)cancer cell lines. The prepared compounds showed variable anticancer activity against Hep-G2 cell line with compound 5c being the most potent with IC50 1.21 mg/mL.Also, compound 5a showed moderate activity with IC50 4.62 mg/mL against the same cell line. However, all the prepared compounds showed no activity against MCF-7 cell line with IC50>10mg/mL

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