Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Design and synthesis of some new purine-dione derivatives of potential anti-inflammatory activity

Author(s): Ola F. Abou-Ghadir, Alaa M. Hayallah*, Samia G. Abdel-Moty and Mostafa A. Hussein

A new series of 2-[(1-substituted)-2,6-dioxo-2,3,6,7–tetrahydro-1H-purin-8-ylsulfanyl]-N-substituted acetamide 16- 29, and 1-substituted-8-[2-(4-substituted phenyl)-2-oxoethylsulfanyl]-3,7-dihydro-1H-purine-2,6-diones 37-50 were designed and synthesized. The target compounds 16-29 and 37-50 were prepared by reaction of 1-substituted-8- thioxo-3,7-dihydropurine-2,6-dione with equimolar amount of the appropriate substituted anilide or p- (un)substituted phenacyl bromide respectively. Structures of the new compounds were verified on the basis of their IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, MS, and elemental analyses. The newly synthesized compounds were tested for their antiinflammatory effects and most of them showed good to excellent anti-inflammatory activity compared to indomethacin as a reference drug

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