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Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for the estimation of Rabeprazole and Mosapride in raw and capsule formulation

Author(s): Mohammed Al Bratty, Gunasekar Manoharan, Hassan A. Alhazmi, Hafiz A. Makeen and Othman Daghriri

A sensitive feasible RP-HPLC method has developed and validated for the analysis of Rabeprazole and Mosapride in capsule. Successful separation of drugs products is developed on a C (18) column reversed-phase using and using mobile phase composition of Methanol: Phosphate buffer (55:45 v/v). Linearity ranges for Rabeprazole is 8 - 40 μg/ml and 6 - 30 μg/ml for Mosapride respectively. The absorption maxima were observed at 280nm. The HPLC, capsule formulation assay shows percentage purity ranging from 99.20 to 100.50% for Rabeprazole and 99.53 to 100.60% for Mosapride. The mean percentage purity is 100.20% and 100.10% for Rabeprazole and Mosapride respectively. The chromatographic retention time of Rabeprazole and Mosapride was found to be 3.2 and 6.5 minutes respectively. The tailing factor was 0.877 and 0.840 for Rabeprazole and Mosapride respectively. The developed method validated according to the ICH guidelines. The method was found to be applicable for determination and validation of Rabeprazole and Mosapride in combined capsule form

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