Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Development and validation of UV spectrophotometric method for the determination of rivaroxaban

Author(s): Chandra Bala Sekaran, Vankayalapati Hima Bind, Mittapalli Rupa Damayanthi and Anaparthi Sireesha

A new, less time consuming and cost effective UV spectrophotometric method was developed for the quantification of rivaroxaban in bulk. Rivaroxaban was estimated at 270 nm in dimethyl sulphoxide. The linearity range was found to be 2–20μg mL–1 (regression equation: Absorbance = 0.1086 × Concentration of drug in μg mL–1 + 0.0154; R2 = 0.9991). The apparent molar absorptivity and sandell’s sensitivity were found to be 4.825 × 104 L mol−1 cm−1 and 2.262 × 10-3 μg cm−2, respectively. The method was tested and validated for various parameters according to ICH guidelines. The results demonstrated that the procedure is sensitive, selective, precise, accurate, robust, rugged and useful for the determination of rivaroxaban in bulk samples.

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