Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Development and Validation of UV-Spectrophotometric methods for estimation of Indapamide in bulk and tablet dosage form

Author(s): Tarkase Kailash N., Jadhav Manisha B, Tajane Sachin R, Dongare Umesh S

Indapamide is an oral antihypertensive diuretic agent indicated for the treatment of hypertensive and edema [2]. Various methods for analysis of the same are available but are time consuming and expensive. Here we have developed two new, precise and simple UV spectrophotometric methods for estimation of Indapamide from bulk and tablet formulation in phosphate buffer 7.4. The drug obeyed the Beer’s law with correlation coefficient 0.996 and 0.998 respectively for Method I and Method II. It showed absorption maxima at 240 nm and 223 nm respectively for method I and Method II; in phosphate buffer 7.4. The linearity was observed between 5 –40 μg/ml. The results of analysis were validated by recovery studies, accuracy, precision, LOD, LOQ and ruggedness. The method was found to be simple, accurate, precise, economical and robust.

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