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DFT and Experimental studies of N-(4-nitrophenyl) maleimide

Author(s): Dnyaneshwar D. Lokhande, Jayraj S. Aher, Sambhaji V. Patil, Arun B. Sawant and Manoj R. Gaware

N-(4-nitrophenyl) maleimide was synthesized from the maleic anhydride and 4-nitroaniline followed by characterization using IR and NMR spectroscopic techniques. Quantum chemical calculations were performed to optimize geometry of the title compound by density functional theory method at B3LYP level and 6-311++G(d, p), 6-31++G (d, p), 6-31+G (d, p) and 6-31+G (d) as basis set. 1HNMR and fundamental vibrational frequencies were calculated theoretically by DFT and HF method and compared with experimental data. The small difference between observed and scaled theoretical frequencies were recorded. Thermodynamic properties like zero-point energy, entropy, heat capacity and dipole moment have been recorded at B3LYP/6-3++G (d, p). Absorption maxima (λmax) is calculated with the help of HOMO-LUMO energy gap. Small energy gap implies an electron density transfer from HOMO to LUMO and also implies the reactivity of the title compound.

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