Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Dielectric response of some polar liquids in non polar solvent benzene at microwave frequency

Author(s): Ramya Rajan and F Mary Anjalin

The dielectric behavior of three polar liquids such as Methyl acetate ,Methylene dichloride and 2-Methoxy Ethanol in non-polar solvent benzene have been studied at microwave frequency of 21.4 GHz at 300K. Different dielectric parameters like Dielectric constant ( ε’) and dielectric loss(ε’’) at microwave frequency, static dielectric constant (ε0) and optical dielectric constant (εα) are determined. Using these parameters the various relaxation time Viz., Average relaxation time(τ0), Molecular relaxation time(τ1) and Group relaxation time(τ2) of individual component have been calculated. It has been observed that the relaxation time is very closely related with molecular parameters, such as size, shape and nature of the solute molecule.

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