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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


DNA affinity screening of extracts tunicate Cynthia squamulata from the Atlantic coast

Author(s): T. Ainane 1 *, A. Abourriche 1 , N. Oukkache 2 , H. Lamdini 3 , B. Hammouti 4 and A. Bennamara 1

Four extracts of tunicate Cynthia squamulata from t he atlantic coast were subject of DNA affinity scre ening, to identify potential antitumor activity. The assay us es a HPLC method for detecting the presence or abse nce of interactions between molecules of low molecular wei ght DNA. Also, this method based on the ability of antitumor agents to reduce DNA peak size. The results obtaine d in this work show that tow extracts from tunicate Cynthia squamulata (ether and methanol) were positive activ ities, contrariwise, the petroleum ether and chloro form extract showed negative peak reduction.

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