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Electrical conductivity study of resin synthesized from 1-naphthol-4-sulphonic acid and hexamethylene diamine and formaldehyde

Author(s): Manjiri Nagmote, Jeevan Dontulwar and Rajesh Singru

A terpolymer 1-N-4-SAHDF-Resin-II was synthesized from 1-Naphthol-4-sulphonic acid and Hexamethylene diamine with formaldehyde by polycondenssation method in an acidic medium with molar proportion of reactants (2:1:3).To reveal the structure of the resin, the resin was characterized by elemental analysis and spectral methods, i.e. composition of terpolymer has been determined on the basis of its elemental analysis. The terpolymer resin has been characterized by UV- Visible, FT-IR and NMR (1H & 13C) spectra and by SEM. The DC conductivity of sample was determined by four probe method. The conductivity of 1-N-4-SAHDF-Resin-II was found to be in the range of 1.021 x10-7 to 9.247 x 10-5 ohm-1cm-1 in the temperature range 313K-433K. The activation energy of the conduction for 1-N-4-SAHDF-Resin-II was found to be 1.14 x 10-20 J/K.

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