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Exploration of Trichoderma Harzianum against Fusarium Oxysporum from paddy soils of Jenbagapuram Village, Thanjavur District, South India

Author(s): 1Senthilkumar, G., 2Madhanraj, P*. and 1Panneerselvam, A.

Totally 42 species belonged to 20 genera were recorded. A preliminary screening of all the species isolated from soils were made for antifungal (antagonistic) activity against Fusarium oxysporum, a known soil borne fungal pathogen. Among the species showed promising activity in which, T. harzianum inhibited the pathogenic fungus for the maximum both in dual culture and in food poisoning technique. In dual culture technique the maximum percentage of inhibition of F. oxysporum against T. harzianum (82.8%), followed by T. viride (79.2%), Aspergillus fumigatus (76%), Penicllium chrysogenum (75%), P. janthinellum (74.6%), A. sydowi, A. niger (73% each), A. nidulans (71.6%), A. flavus (71%) and A. terreus (54%). Likewise, culture filterates of all the species tested against F. oxysporum showed the inhibitory effect on the pathogenic fungus at all the concentration (5 to 20% concentrations). However, the maximum inhibitory effect was observed at 20 per cent concentration of the cell free filterate of T. harzianum. The investigation was carried out by collections and examination of of paddy soils from Jenbagapuram , Thanjavur districts of Tamil Nadu, India.

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