Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Extraction and study of the essential oil Rosmarinus Officinalis Cuellie in the Region of Taza, Morocco

Author(s): N. Chahboun, A. Esmail, N. Rhaiem, H. Abed, R. Amiyare, M. Barrahi, M. Berrabeh, H. Oudda, M. Ouhssine

Yield, chemical composition and antibacterial properties of the essential oil extracted from Rosmarinus officinalis in the region of Taza (Morocco) were studied. The average content of essential oil from the leaves of this species is 0.86% relative to the dry matter. Thirty-seven compounds were identified by GC / MS. The Dimenthol (38.83%), the Campholène aldehyde (16.02%), the α-pinene (11.05%), and borneol (10%) are the major chemical compounds of Rosmarinus oil. Strong inhibitory activity against eight pathogenic microorganisms tested was recorded.

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