Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Growth, Structural, Vibrational, Mechanical, and Dielectric Studies of KSb2F7 Crystals

Author(s): C. Besky Job, K. Ganesan, and J. Benet Charles.

The interest in Fluoro Antimonate crystals have been increased in the last four decades due to its superionic conduction and its unusual electro optic properties. Potassium hepta flouro di antimonate (KSb2F7) crystals has been grown by slow evaporation technique. KSb2F7 crystal crystallizes into monoclinic structure with space group P21/C. The functional groups present in the crystal were determined using FTIR spectroscopy. The microhardness study shows that hardness steadily increases, then decreases for higher loads. Work hardening coefficient indicates that the grown crystals are moderately softer. The variation of dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and A.C. conductivity with temperature at different frequencies were discussed. It was found that both the dielectric constant and dielectric loss decrease with increase in frequency.

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