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Identification and Determination of Melamine in Milk by High Performance Liquid Chromatography – UV Detector

Author(s): Mahmood Salman, El-Sayed S. Abdel Hameed, Mohamed S. Al-Amoudi, Lubna Salman, Mohammed T. Alghamdi, Salih A. Bazaid

Melamine is a small polar compound which is very rich in nitrogen (67% by mass). It is recently been found in milk products and animal food, where it possibly have been added to give a false impression of high protein content. It is believed that melamine combined with cyanuric acid can cause fatal kidney stone due to the formation of an insoluble melamine-cyanurate complex. The consequences are fatal for the youngest, the babies and small kids. The reason for adding Melamine to milk to make it appear in protein in order to achieve a better price for the milk. The protein content of the milk is measured non-specifically as cumulative parameter with nitrogen compound determination by Kjehldahl so that the addition of Melamine was not detected. So determination of Melamine and other small nitrogen-rich- compounds (ammeline, ammelide and cyanuric acid) is there for of large important to ensure food safety. In this project a suitable pretreatment of the milk product and determination of Melamine with the other nitrogen compounds performed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography-UV Detector techniques. The project determined the best way meet the various method criteria ( suitable procedures to handling the sample, preparation standard ).

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