Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Identification of antioxidant activity of bark of Aegle Marmelos

Author(s): Diana Victoria T. and Antony V. Samrot

To identify potent antioxidant molecule in chloroform extract of bark of Aegle marmelos. Bark of Aegle marmelos was collected and subjected for chloroform extract. TLC was run having solvent system of Chloroform/Methanol (5:1), and subjected for on exposure to iodine and to DPPH. Further the extract was subjected for column chromatography. The fractions were subjected for identification of antioxidant activity by dot blot assay. The fractions showed activity was pooled together and subjected for GC-MS analysis. A band with Rf value of 0.87 was found to show antioxidant activity. Fraction 2 to 5 was found to show antioxidant activity and these fractions were pooled together and subjected for GC-MS analysis. GC-MS revealed the presence of seven major compounds responsible for antioxidant activity. Thus potent antioxidant molecule present in the extract was identified through TLC bioautography followed with GC-MS analysis.

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