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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Immersion Method to Assess Safety Foodstuffs Plastic Packaging Materials in Gezira State

Author(s): A. A. Hussein, A. E. Sulieman, H. Al Zabadi, A. M. Elhassan, H. Lgaz, Salghi and S. Jodeh

This study was conducted to assess the safety of the commercial plastic packaging materials in Wad-Medani town which purchased from local market by the consumer for filling, packing and/or preserving foodstuffs. The samples of plastic packaging materials were randomly collected from the local market in Wad-Medani Town in Central Sudan. The immersion method technique was applied to determine overall migration (non-volatile) of plastic packaging materials. The main findings were that, 25% and 16.7% of the commercial plastic packaging materials not applicable and safe in aqueous food types if the pH value of the foodstuff > 4.5 and < 4.5, respectively, when compared with European commission regulations10/2011.

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