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Immobilization of a titanium complex on the surface of nan magnetite and characterization of the resulted material

Author(s): Masoumeh Soleimani

Nan magnetite is a class of nanoparticles which has intereting behavior using magnetic fields. In such a way, each nanoparticle becomes a single magnetic domain and show superpara magnetic behavior, so it can be attracted to external magnetic field and will be easily redispersed after the removal of this field. Magnetitenanoparticles were prepared by co precipitation of Fe2 + and Fe3+ with NH4OH and then, Silica was coated on to the surface of the magnetite Nan particles by Tetraoethylorthosilicate. Then superpara magnetic magnetite Nan particles were functionalized with 3-amionproplytrimetoxcysilane so that, at the next step, acetyl ferrocene can attach to magnetite nanoparticles with forming bound. The resulted nonmaterial was characterized with different physicochemical techniques such as FT-IR and atomic absorption spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM) and thrmogravimetric analyses (TGA and DTA). VSM analysis showed super paramagnetic properties of the materials and TEM and SEM analyses indicated the relatively uniform spherical nanoparticles with 15 nm average size.

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