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In vitro growth inhibition study of hydroxyapatite crystals in the presence of selected herbal extract solutions

Author(s): Bharat B. Parekh, Bhoomika V. Jogiya, Poorvesh M. Vyas, Ashwinikumar A. Raut, Ashok B. Vaidya, Mihir J. Joshi

Hydroxyapatite, is the most stable mineral found in body. Hydroxyapatite crystals were grown by the gel technique in the form of periodic Liesegang ring patterns. The size of fine crystalline hydroxyapatite was found in order of microns. The harvested crystals were characterized by Powder X- Ray Diffraction (XRD). Aqueous, alcoholic, hydro-alcoholic extracts of five herbs selected based on Reverse Pharmacology (RP) experiential data of Ayurveda were used for the growth inhibition study of hydroxyapatite crystallites. These extracts were compared with CaCl2 (control) solution to study their effects in terms of the particle size of crystallites, the total diffusion length in the gel column, the number of rings and the spacing between two rings. The inhibition in hydroxyapatite crystal growth by the herbal extracts is reported.

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