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Inhibitory activity of Euphorbia hirta (Tawa- tawa) extracts against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other non mycobacterial pathogens

Author(s): Thirunavukkarasu Rajasekar, Sivaraj Anbarasu, Radha krishnan Manikkam, Jerrine Joseph* and Vanaja Kumar

Methanol, ethyl acetate and n-hexane extracts from the leaves of Euphorbia hirta were screened against non- mycobacterial pathogens and Mycobacterium tuberculo sis H 37 Rv using agar well diffusion and Luciferase Reporte r Phage (LRP) assay, respectively. Methanol extract o f Euphorbia hirta showed 10-15 mm inhibition against B. subtilis, E. coli, and V. cholerae at 100μ g/ml wher eas no activity was observed against S. aureus and E. faecalis. The ethyl acetate extract showed activity only B. s ubtilis (12mm) and E. faecalis (10mm) while n- hexa ne extract showed no activity. In LRP assay, the ethyl acetate extract showed better activity with maximum of 64. 73% reduction in RLU against M. tuberculosis H 37 Rv compared to methanol and n-hexane extracts. Furt her bioassay guided fractionation is in progress for the isolati on, characterization and identification of active p rinciple from Euphorbia hirta leaves.

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