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Investigate the Removal Efficiency of Nitrogen and Phosphate Compounds from AL Hussein bin Talal University Wastewater Treatment Plant (AHUP)

Author(s): Mohammed Wedyan, Ahmad Dahamsheh and Esam Qnais

This study investigates nitrogen and phosphate compounds concentrations in inlet and outlet of AL Hussein bin Talal University wastewater treatment plant (AHUP). We worked on the efficiency of nitrogen species and phosphate removal in AHUP. Biological system in this site was included, all stages of the treatment were studied. Two hundred samples (both inlet and outlet) were collected from AHU wastewater treatment plant weekly intervals for five years, under closely controlled and maintaining similar conditions. The removal percentage of nitrate is 94% within the plant. Phosphates removal is 77%, while whole organic nitrogen is removed by 66%. This efficiency has been observed and it was confirmed that the process used in such plant can be considered as an efficient method for removal of nitrogen and phosphate.

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