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In-vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of aqueous fruit and leaf extracts of Grewia asiatica using MTT Assay

Author(s): Bhavna Marya1*, Keyur H. Dattani2, Dharmik D. Patel1, Pinal D. Patel3, Divya Patel4, Maulik P. Suthar2, Vipul P. Patel2 and Sunil B. Bothara1

The research was conducted to investigate the cytotoxic activities of crude aqueous extracts of fruits and leaves of Grewia asiatica plant. In-vitro cytotoxic activity of Grewia asiatica was determined by using methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium (MTT) assay using cell lines HEK-293 (Epidermal Kidney Cancer cell line), NCI-H522 (Cell Lung cancer cell line), HELA (Cervical Cancer cell line), Hep – 2 (Laryngeal Cancer cell line), and MCF-7 (Breast cancer cell line). Grewia asiatica (G. asiatica), a shrub from the Malvaceae family, is commonly used among Native Americans and occasionally utilized to treat illnesses with cancer-like symptoms. The results found were quite promising. The statistically processed results support the conclusion, that the aqueous extracts of leaves and fruits showed significant anticancer activity against liver cancer and breast cancer.

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