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Isolation and screening of glucose isomerase producing marine Streptomyces species for fructose production

Author(s): R. Sathya, T. Ushadevi

The present study is to isolate and screening of glucose isomerase from marine Streptomyces species for industrial application of fructose. Soil samples were collected from Muthupet mangroves, Tamilnadu, India. Marine Streptomyces has emerged as an in exhaustive treasure for a wide range of enzymes like glucose isomerase. Glucose isomerase screening was performed by three different methods such as plate assay using xylose containing peptone yeast agar medium, fructose estimation by seliwanoff’s test and isomerization of glucose to fructose was detected by thin layer chromatography. Streptomyces species were grown on peptone yeast extract broth, the cell biomass was harvested then disrupted by ultrasonic disintegrator and centrifuged; cell free extracts were used for glucose isomerase activity. Thin layer chromatography separation provides a good result for isomerization of glucose to fructose by glucose isomerase. This finding proved numerous Streptomyces species has been produced glucose isomerase activity, particularly Streptomyces sp. RSU26 has been proved superior performing for glucose isomerase production and can be used for industrial application of fructose production.

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