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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some α -hydroxy acids by triethylammonium fluorochromate in presence of pico linic acid catalyst in aqueous acetic acid media

Author(s): A. Subash 1,2 , V. Saleem Malik 1 , S. Syed Shafi 3 and S. Sheik Mansoor 1 *

We have described the catalytic activity of picolin ic acid (PA) for the oxidation of some α -hydroxy acids like glycolic acid (GA), malic acid (MLA), lactic acid ( LA) and mandelic acid (MA) by triethylammonium fluorochromate (TriEAFC) in aqueous acetic acid med ium. The oxidation leads to the formation of the corresponding oxo acids. The reaction is first orde r with respect to TriEAFC, hydroxy acids and [H + ] and the reaction is catalyzed by hydrogen ions . The reaction rate increased remarkably with the inc rease in the proportion of acetic acid in the solvent medium. The reaction rates were determined at different temperatures and the activation parameters computed. A suitable mechanis m has been proposed

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