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Magnitude Bode Plot Analysis of Solid Polymer Electrolyte PMMA Complexed with Adipic Acid

Author(s): K. P. Radha, P. Mahalakshmi and S.Chitra

In the present work, proton conducting solid polymer electrolyte have been prepared using PMMA and adipic acid (C6H10O4) by Solution Casting Technique. From the Magnitude Bode Plot, it has been observed that the Ohmic resistance dominates the impedance at the highest frequencies and it can be read from the high frequency horizontal plateau region. Argand plots of both pure PMMA and adipic acid added electrolyte are incomplete half semicircle suggesting the Non - Debye nature of the polymer electrolytes. At higher frequencies due to the periodic reversal of the electric field there is no excess ion diffusion in the field direction. The presence of long tail in the modulus plot may be due to the large capacitance associated with the electrodes.

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