Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Metal typology contamination of surface waters of Za River, Lower Moulouya, Eastern Morocco

Author(s): Afaff Brahimi 1* , A. Chafi 1 , N. Nouayti 2 , H. Elmsellem 3 and B. Hammouti 3

The region Taourirt endures a big problem of pollut ion of surface waters. This pollution has diverse o rigins, domestic, agricultural and industrial. Evaluation o f the concentration of the metals studied (Al, As, Se, Mn, Ni, Fe, Zn, Cu, Cr, Pb and Cd) in surface water has reveale d the presence of a large metal contamination, main ly in the river downstream of releases. Heavy metals soluble in water after filtration is determined by atomic e mission spectroscopy with inductive coupled plasma (ICP-AES ) using a JY-type spectrometer. To better assess th e impact of wastewater on water quality of the Za River and its tributary oued Tizeghrane, and analyze between the different variables through their structuring and guidance co rrelations and to identify the main factors respons ible for the water quality of the surveyed environment, we treat ed statistically all data by Principal Component An alysis (PCA). The typological structure of the plan analysis F1 x F2 shows the identification of four areas, dependi ng on the nature of metal pollutants, their degree of contami nation and the "season", this factor seems to be a determining factor in the type of flow studied

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