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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Method Development and Validation for the Quantitative Estimation of Rimonabant in pharmaceutical preparation by RP- HPLC

Author(s): Shailendra Bindaiya, Ameeta ArgaL

A Simple, selective, rapid, precise and economical reverse phase HPLC method has been developed and validated for the Quantitative Estimation of Rimonabant in pharmaceutical preparation. Isocratic separation was accomplished using C18 column (250 mn x 4.6 mm, 5 μm particle size) with mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile: 0.1% Formic acid (90:10, v/v), flow rate was 1.0 ml/min. and the detection wavelength was 268 nm. The proposed method has permitted the quantification of Rimonabant in the linearity range of 10- 50μg/ml .The column was maintained at ambient temperature and analytical run time of approximately 10 min and it was eluting at approximately 6.4 min.The percentage recovery was found to be in between 96.30 to 99.12 and the % RSD of system and method precision was found to be 1.27. The percentage amount of marketed commercial brand of Rimonabant was found to be 99.63. The method was validated for linearity, accuracy, precision, specificity, Robustness, Ruggedness, solution stability, the assay may be applied to a routine analysis in industries.

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