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Micellar Liquid Chromatographic Analytical Method Development and Validation of Determination of Atorvastatin Calcium and Pioglitazone in Tablet Dosage Form

Author(s): Mukesh Chandra Sharma, Smita Sharma, D. V. Kohli, S. C. Chaturvedi

A simple rapid, simple and sensitive liquid chromatographic procedure that use micellar mobile phase containing only Tween-20 and n-Butanol, is reported for the determination of method for estimation of method has been developed and validated for simultaneous estimation Atorvastatin Calcium (ATV) and Pioglitazone (PIO) in tablet dosage form. The estimation was carried out on Luna C18 (5μm×25cm×4.6mm) column with a mixture of Tween-20 and n-Butanol Phosphate buffer, pH 4.2 (50:25:25v/v) at flow rate of 1.5 ml/min at 25oC temperature. Quantitation was achieved by UV detection at 322 nm over lain spectra (figure-3) the concentration range 5-210 mg/ml for both the drugs with mean recoveries of 99.01% + 0.12 and 100.64% + 0.20 for ATV and PIO respectively. This method is simple, precise and sensitive and it is applicable for the simultaneous estimation of ATV and PIO in tablet dosage form.

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