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Micro-determination of Vanadium using 1-(2-Quinolylazo)-2,4,5-trihydroxybenzene as an Analytical Reagent

Author(s): Pratap Singh Kadyan, Devender Singh, Sonia Verma and Poonam

A sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method is proposed for the rapid determination of vanadium using 1- (2-quinolylazo)-2,4,5-trihydroxybenzene(QATB). Alcoholic solution of QATB form a 1:2 dark brown complex with vanadium(V) ions at pH ranges 6.0-7.5, absorbing maximum at 590 nm. The molar absorptivity and the Sandell’s sensitivity of the complex are 2.55 X104 L mol-1cm-1 and 0.002 μg cm-2 respectively. Beer’s law was followed up to 2.4 ppm with the optimum concentration range of 0.32- 2.0 ppm. The tolerance limits for interfering ions are discussed. All variable were studied in order to optimize the reaction conditions. The efficiency of the proposed method is shown by the successful determination of traces of vanadium in some synthetic mixture of minerals and alloys.

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