Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Modified noninvasive method of study of the oxidati on of lipids of airways

Author(s): Eugene A. Borodin 2 , Mikhail A. Shtarberg 2 Anna G. Prikhodko 1 , Victor P. Kolosov 1 and Juliy M. Perelman 1

To improve existing noninvasive method of study of the oxidative modification of lipids of airways we suggest to extract lipids from exhaled breath condensate by th e Bligh-Dyer method and register the UV-absorbance spectra of the obtained lipid extracts. To assess the degree o f lipid oxidation in exhaled breath condensate samp les 5 indices should be used: A 206nm - unoxidized lipids, A 233nm - conjugated dienes, A 278nm - conjugated trienes and ketodienes, A 233 /A 206 – a ratio of absorbance of dien conjugates to abso rbance of unoxidized lipids, and A 278 /A 206 – a ratio of absorbance of conjugated trienes and ketodienes to absorbance of unoxidized lipids. The use of the des cribed method shows the increased oxidation of lipids in a irways of patients with asthma compared with health y people. This increase has been expressed in larger extent i n asthma patients with hyperresponsiveness to hypos molar stimulus.

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