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Performance of four greenhouse tomato cultivars grown in soilless culture in Souss Massa region

Author(s): Sidi Mohammed Alaoui, Rachid Salghi, Raed Alkowni, Ataa Abouatallah, Mohamed Ayoub and Shehdeh Jodeh

A greenhouse tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivar trial was conducted at the experimental farm of Tbhirine in Souss Massa Region (AGADIR). In this study the tolerance of tomato varieties to irrigation turn in soilless culture was evaluated. Four varieties of grape tomato were being used (Colby, Delica, Granit and Pitenza). Tree irrigation turns used in this study were (T1: Normal Irrigation Turn, T2: minus -1 irrigation, T3: minus -2 irrigations) and treatments were randomly distributed according to RCBD, with three replications. Varieties were affected differently by water stress, but, in the early growth stage no significant difference was observed. After the 3rd week of trial, Colby variety provides the best agronomic parameters regarding the apex elongation and stem diameter. However, Production parameters revealed that Pitenza and Delica varieties gave more flowers per plant (134-108 Flow/Plt) for a normal irrigation scheduling and (105 Flow/Plt) in water stress conditions. In fact, water deficit improve fruit number per plant, and accelerate fruit maturity from 0 to 5 fruits /week.

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