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Physicochemical and phytochemical investigation of the roots of Ixora Coccinea linn

Author(s): Arun B. Joshi, Poonam M. Surlikar and Maya Bhobe

The present study was undertaken for the development of physicochemical and phytochemical parameters of the roots of I. Coccinea linn, belonging to the family Rubiaceae. The plant is known in Sanskrit as Paranti, in English as Jungle Flame Ixora, in Hindi as Rangan and in Konkani asPatkali. The physicochemical and phytochemical investigation confirms the purity and authenticity of I. Coccinearoots by using standard methods. Physicochemical studies revealed the presence of moisture content as 7.5%w/w, swelling index as 1.42cm, foaming index as 142.85, alcohol soluble extractive as 0.6% w/w, water soluble extractive as 0.4% w/w, and ether soluble extractive as 0.2% w/w.The total ash was found to be 2.8% w/w, acid insoluble ash 0.3% w/w and water soluble ash as 1.15% w/w. The fluorescence analysis in short wavelength, long wavelength and day light is also reported, which is a tool to determine the chemical nature of the crude drug. Whereas preliminary phytochemical screening revealed the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, triterpenoids, steroids, tannins, resins and saponins from the ethanolic extract of the roots of I. Coccinea. All these methods will help in setting down pharmacopoeial standards in determining the quality and purity of the roots of I. Coccinea.

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