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Quantitation of alpha amyrin in Scoparia dulcis L. whole plant powder by high performance liquid chromatography

Author(s): Naresh Kumar Katari,M. Venkatanarayana, Parag Deodhar,Chandra Sekhar Ch. and Ramya Billur

A rapid and sensitive HPLC method with UV detection (206 nm) for routine analysis of alpha amyrin from Scoparia dulcis plant extract was developed. Chromatography was performed with mobile phase containing a mixture of acetonitrile and water (59:41) with a flow rate of 1.5 mL min-1. The procedure was validated by linearity (correlation coefficient = 0.9997), accuracy, robustness and intermediate precision. Limit of quantitation and Limit of detection were found to be 1.2 μg and 0.4 μg respectively; this indicates the method is highly sensitive. Linearity was established by analyzing different concentration levels of alpha amyrin ranging from 0.008mg mL-1 to 0.032 mg mL-. For method precision the percent relative standard deviation was 2.96 and for intermediate precision it was 2.05 (n=6) value indicated a good precision of the analytical method. The proposed method was simple, highly sensitive, precise, accurate indicating that the method is useful for routine quality control analysis of Scoparia dulcis Linn. whole plant powder and quantitative determination of alpha amyrin.

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