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Quantitative analysis of heavy metals from vegetable of Amba Nalain Amravati District

Author(s): Monali M. Kalaskar

For development of human life metals are essential. Contaminated vegetables may produce health defect on human being by intaking of heavy metal. This study investigated the level of four different heavy metals which are toxicmetals (Cu,Cd,Pb,Cr) were determined in different vegetable from Amba Nala of Amravati District.Heavy metalswere extracted from vegetables using dry ashing method.AAS (Thermo Scientific Pvt.Ltd.,India,Model No.AA- 303) as used toevaluate the level of these metals in the vegetables. Concentration of lead and cadmium in all the vegetables tested even after exceed washing. Heavy metal content was found highest in unwashed sample than washed sample and washed sample than boiled sample.Overall, this study indicates that vegetables are contaminated by toxic heavy metals present in sewage water.

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