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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Sorption Studies of RhodamineB Dye Using Newly Prepared Kaza's Carbons

Author(s): M. Nageswara Rao, B. V. Rajeswara Reddy, Ch. Suresh Babu, Ch. Chakrapani, P. Haritha, K. A. Emmanuel and Kaza Somasekhara Rao

Modern environmental legislation is becoming Internationally coherent and more focused on pollution through control of hazardous materials and on protection of eco-systems. The waste water originated from reactive dye processes is characterized by poor biodegradability, passing unaffected through conventional treatment systems and discharging into environment[1]. In comparison with conventional processes, adsorption has proved to be more versatile and efficient method[2]. Rhodamine B dye is a red colored true fluorescent basic dye. It is used in Dyeing cotton, wool, Coloring paper ,etc. Commercial rhodamine dyes 6G&B induce reversion mutations in salmonella typhimurium and single-strand breaks in Chinese hamster ovary cells. In the present study, with the prepared activated Kaza’s carbons adsorptions studies are made

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